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Bag End Loudspeakers

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Last update: 2007-12-06

The Infrasub 18 PRO is a self powered professional subwoofer system. It employs bass management, hi pass filtered outputs, a sealed front firing 18" cone loudspeaker and the INFRA dual integrator driving a 400 watt power amplifier. This provides a flat acoustical response down to 8 Hertz. Six inputs allow the combining of all the bass information on 5.1 surround programs and 2 level controls and a 10dB attenuator provide relative adjustments of the bass information from the 5 full range channels and the dedicated low frequency effect channel. 5 hi pass line level filtered outputs are provided for the upper range loudspeakers and a line level INFRA output is provided for additional INFRA bass speakers. Internally set Dynamic Filter protection maintains undistorted audio reproduction under accidental overload conditions. A remote indicator module is provided and may be placed in a convenient visible location to indicate the dynamic filter protection threshold has been reached.

Specifications > Speakers > I-18PRO
ManufacturerBag End Loudspeakers
Model nameI-18PRO
Output powerto 400 Watts
Frequency responsefrom 8 Hz to 95 kHz
Bass and midrange18
Dimensions (Height/Width/Depth)59.7/54/46.4 cm (23.5/21.25/18.25 inch)
Weight41.73 kg (92 pounds)
Suggested retail price2130 USD
Product review URLhttp://www.bagend.com/
Manufacturer's product URLhttp://www.bagend.com/
I-18PRO > Bag End Loudspeakers

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