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Researching and creating the best performing Power Cords has always been our passion. As a result, Black Sand Cable always sold more power cords then anything else. Now power cords are all we sell.We have invested heavily into producing professionally crafted power cords that deliver performance. Black Sand Cable uses highly sophisticated equipment to manufacture power cords. (Such as a wire demagnetizer, commercial grade bench tester, and a high current voltage line generator that has the ability to build up and store AC current and then disperse it over time).The cords we carry have been through revisions over the years and what you see today is the culmination of what we feel offers all the great performance from years past coupled with technologies we've discovered and applied to make superbly crafted power cords with outstanding performance.The Silver Reference started out as version MK1 close to 6 years ago before Silver was even popular and in 2009 we are now at version MK5. That's only 4 revisions in 6 years. We don't believe in upgrading unless we find something significant to make our cords sound or work better.We spend a considerable amount of time testing our cords on the bench and in various systems. We have experimented with silver, brass, and gold connectors, increased and changed strand counts, tried various geometries, shielding, and outer jackets. We have implemented demagnetizing and contact cleaners over the years also. We pride ourselves on quality of workmanship and giving our customers a true reference cord, so you can make your purchase based on quality and specifications, not marketing hype.


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Black Sand Cable - Headquarters
Dealer full name Black Sand Cable
Address 2615 Jameson Cr
Postal code/ZIP S4V 1J6
City Regina
Province/State Saskatchewan
Country Canada
Telephone 306-535-9897
Fax 888-544-1084
Office e-mail sales@blacksandcable.ca
Listening room No
ActivityCables & Connectors
Hi-Fi Accessories