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1012 DAC Preamplifier


Boulder Amplifiers, Inc.

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Last update: 2008-02-18
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The 1012 is very much a unique product because it combines a full featured preamplifier with a high resolution digital to analog converter. Now in one chassis you can have all the signal management of CDs and LPs you need. This simple approach for all low-level functions minimizes cabling, resulting in further improved sonic clarity.

UpandoversamplingTM takes the confusion out of today's digital reproduction by performing all the sampling rate multiplication (the up) and low-pass filtering (the over) in one coherent process.

To achieve sixteen times UpandoversamplingTM of CDs, and the 32-bit eigenfilter interpolation, an expensive, powerful, one gigaflop DSP engine was required.

Boulder has the only true 24 bit digital filter because all false imaging in the audio band is rejected by at least 144 dB.

Whether your favorite source is analog or digital, the Boulder 1012 DAC Preamplifier delivers every musical note perfectly.

Specifications > Amplifier > 1012 DAC Preamplifier
ManufacturerBoulder Amplifiers, Inc.
Model name1012 DAC Preamplifier
Kind of amplifierPre-amplifier
Number of channels2
Output impedance100 Ohms
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)0.0015 %
Power consumption75 Watts
Frequency responsefrom 1 Hz to 250 kHz
Number of inputs8
Source directYes
Treble / BassNo
Source selectorYes
Standby modeYes
Remote controlYes
Phono inputYes
Dimensions (Height/Width/Depth)14.6/45.72/40 cm (5.75/18/15.75 inch)
Weight79.2 kg (36 pounds)
Manufacturer's product URLhttp://www.boulderamp.com/pdf/1012DataSheet.pdf
1012 DAC Preamplifier > Boulder Amplifiers, Inc.

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