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Eminent Technology TRW-17


Eminent Technology, Inc.

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Last update: 2008-01-31
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This is the first home audio woofer delivering true response to DC. The Thigpen Rotary Woofer is the worlds first true infrasonic home audio or home theater woofer. Conventional subwoofers roll off rapidly below 20Hz. With no cone the rotary woofer achieves high efficiency at very low frequencies. Most subwoofers have a difficult time producing acoustic output below 20Hz at audible levels. A missing link in sound reproduction. Experience special effects like never before. If you want to hear and feel the 4-5 hertz fundamental frequency from a helicopter rotor, the low frequency rumble of wind, the space of a concert hall or infrasonic information contained in an explosion, this is the only woofer technology available.

Specifications > Speakers > Eminent Technology TRW-17
ManufacturerEminent Technology, Inc.
Model nameEminent Technology TRW-17
Catalog No.TRW-17
Impedance7 Ohms
Sensitivity (1 Watt/1 Meter)103 dB
Bass and midrangeThigpen Rotary Woofer
Weight22.7 kg (50 pounds)
Finishcusom installation
Suggested retail price12900 USD
Product review URLhttp://www.iar-80.com/
Product review URLhttp://www.soundandvisionmag.com/features/2241/powered-subwoofer-rating-standard.html
Product review URLhttp://news.softpedia.com/news/Are-Helicopters-The-Best-Subwoofers-Eminent-Technology-TRW-17-Says-YES-66257.shtml
Product review URLhttp://www.rotarywoofer.com/wiredscience.htm
Manufacturer's product URLhttp://www.rotarywoofer.com
Eminent Technology TRW-17 > Eminent Technology, Inc.

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