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TCI Cobra


True Colours Industries

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Last update: 2008-01-08
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TCI Cobra cable terminated with WBT 0144 Midline Locking RCA phono connectors. widely regarded as the best plugs in the World. Teminated using Lead Free Silver Solder. It is manufactured using the best Aerospace materials and technology and is designed to get superb performance from your hi-fi system. It gives a detailed, dynamic and yet unfatiguing sound with an incredible ability to resolve low level detail. It has amazing bass extension whilst at all times remaining tight and tuneful. The large open and precise imaging is only matched by its ability to portray dynamics to their full potential.

Specifications > Cable > TCI Cobra
ManufacturerTrue Colours Industries
Model nameTCI Cobra
Catalog No.5060115330084
Terminating connectorsWBT 0144 RCA or Nuetrik XLR
Suggested retail price319.99 EURO (374 USD)
Product review URLhttp://www.true-colours.com/pdf/cobrareview.pdf
Product review URLhttp://www.true-colours.com/pdf/Hi-Fi News Viper and Cobra review.pdf
Manufacturer's product URLhttp://www.true-colours.com/more.asp?Catalogid=1
TCI Cobra > True Colours Industries

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