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PRE-01 preamplifier


Vistron Audio Equipment Co.,Ltd

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Last update: 2019-07-16
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Mini Ultra micro Bluetooth pre Amplifier Stereo PreAmplifier

Product Description
What is the definition and purpose of the preamplifier?

A preamplifier (pre-amplifier) is an electronic amplifier that preparing a small electrical audio signal for further amplification or processing. It is used to drive the cable to the main instrument without significantly degrading SNR. Mainly the Preamplifier purpose switching between different line level source and applying a volume control , then the second power amplifier providing high current to passive speaker.Not only the noise can be minimal, but also the pre-amp can act as a buffer amplifier and signal switch processor between your souce and the main amp.

Through the help of the preamplifier and main power amp , the sound is altered quality and much louder, improve the overall sound quality.

Our new designed Preamp-01 preamplifier compact stylish appearance, using various recently home audio technologies that help a high level of performance that can be described as astounding.

Intended for seeking high-performance in an elegant , the Preamp-01 leaves your music uncolored and free of any gain or noise, the purity of the signal remains uncompromised, allowing the music to be heardas was intended from day it was recorded.


Features of the stereo preamplifier:

*Compact stylish design, mental case and aluminum front panel.

*Built-in DAC, Bluetooth capability

*Various Inputs including Toslink Optical, stereo RCA, 3.5mm audio

*Output: Subwoofer output, RCA pre-out

*Optical in accepts up to 192kb,24bit

*Support backplay, both remote control and front selector control functions

*Remote control with discrete ON/OFF power buttons

*0.5W standby power consumption meets Energy Star specification

*Preamplifier antenna for better Bluetooth transmitter

*Bluetooth range 10 meters, with re-paring automatically

Please contact me if any enquires.
Email: sales1@vistronaudio.com.cn
Skype: vistronaudio

Specifications > Amplifier > PRE-01 preamplifier
ManufacturerVistron Audio Equipment Co.,Ltd
Model namePRE-01 preamplifier
Catalog No.Power Audio Amplifier
Kind of amplifierPre-amplifier
Number of channels2
Per channel power output1 Watts
Output impedance4 Ohms
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)0.1 %
Signal to noise ratio85 dB
Input sensitivity1.6 mV
Power consumption1 Watts
Frequency responsefrom 1 Hz to 58 kHz
Number of inputs4
Source directYes
Treble / BassNo
Source selectorYes
Standby modeYes
Remote controlYes
Phono inputNo
Available front panel colorsBlack,Silver,OEM
Available front panel materialsAluminium, Iron, Plastic, Wood
Dimensions (Height/Width/Depth)52/190/139 cm
Weight1 kg
Suggested retail price150 EURO (199 USD)
Product review URLhttp://www.vistron-audio.com
Product review URLhttp://www.vistron-audio.com
Product review URLhttp://www.vistron-audio.com
Product review URLhttp://www.vistron-audio.com
Product review URLhttp://www.vistron-audio.com
Manufacturer's product URLhttp://www.vistron-audio.com
PRE-01 preamplifier > Vistron Audio Equipment Co.,Ltd

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