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XA6950 Integrated Amplifier



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Last update: 2008-12-10
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XA6950 adopts current negative feedback amplifying circuit with wide frequency rang,high speed and low distortion.
1.Preceding stage adopts the fundamental circuit of the well-appraised XA8200 of our company, succeeding the features of XA8200.
2.Following stage adopts asymmetric current negative feedback circuit, which has broad frequency responding range and low distortion.
3.Every channel has two stages of impulse, and the final stage adopt four pairs of high quality high-power Hi-Fi transistor (XA6950se use MOS FET transistor) as output, which has great dynamic range and strong low frequency control ability.
4.Two high-power ring power transformers supply power for the left channel and right channel, as well as the preceding stage and the following stage individually. The following stage is provided with high speed commuting bridge, while the preceding stage use low internal resistance for the servo of constant voltage power supply.
5.ALPS motor potentiometer is adopted for Volume control, which use the "analogy potentiometer digit indirect control" method of our original creation for control, and can shorten the signal transmission path and reduce the vitiation of signals.
6.Screen display is VFD display, which is of good taste, as well as equipped with full functional remote control.
7.Complete machine adopts microcomputer controlling, which has various protection functions, insures safety as well as ease for use.
8.Balance input interface is also equipped, which can input balance signals.

Specifications > Amplifier > XA6950 Integrated Amplifier
Model nameXA6950 Integrated Amplifier
Catalog No.XA6950
Kind of amplifierIntegrated amplifier
Number of channels2
Source directNo
Treble / BassNo
Source selectorNo
Standby modeNo
Remote controlNo
Phono inputNo
XA6950 Integrated Amplifier > Xindak

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