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Krix Loudspeakers Pty Ltd

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Last update: 2010-12-06
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Designed completely in-house, (though it does use the ICEPower? module at its core), Krix's new Digital Subwoofer Amplifier (KDSA) has had extensive R&D placed on its performance and functionality. Through the use of high performance Class-D amplifier technology and front-mounted control panels with a backlit LCD display which fades away in brightness after 45 seconds, all adjustments can be done quickly and effectively by removing the front grille and scrolling through the menu options and pushing the buttons to make your selections. No more worrying about pulling your subwoofer out of joinery and risk scratching your sub, or pulling out a lead out from the wall in order to make changes whilst holding a torch in one hand and trying to read writing that?s upside down! Volcanix - experience extreme bass!

Adjustable Front Panel Features:

Volume: 00dB MAX / -50dB MIN

Low-Pass Filter: 50Hz to 195Hz plus 'LFE'

High-Pass Q Filter: 0.5 to 1 (limits driver excursion below 20Hz)

Phase: 0? or 180?

Power-On Mode: Autosensing or 12V Trigger

Auto Sensitivity: 00-10

Display Contrast: 00-10 (10 is darkest)

Restore Defaults

Menu Lock

"I was so pleased by the performance of the Krix Volcanix that I felt so confident it would easily do justice to sound effects on movie soundtracks that it was only at the very end of my tenure with it that I actually put this to the test. I was not mistaken in my confidence: the Krix Volcanix blitzed it, from dinosaur footsteps, to the earth splitting open, to tidal waves, to missiles exploding... right through to thermonuclear explosions, in fact pretty much every sound effect I had time to throw at it".

- Australian HiFi - Australia

Specifications > Speakers > Volcanix
ManufacturerKrix Loudspeakers Pty Ltd
Model nameVolcanix
Catalog No.Krix Active Subwoofer
Output powerfrom 0 to 450 Watts
Frequency responsefrom 15 Hz to 200 kHz
Bass and midrangeNominal 305mm (12") diameter paper cone driver with 50mm (2") long throw voice coil developed for high level, low frequency reinforcement
Dimensions (Height/Width/Depth)50.6/40/47 cm
Weight23 kg
FinishVinyl or lacquered timber veneer
Volcanix > Krix Loudspeakers Pty Ltd

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