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SX60m Mono-Aural Power Amplifier



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Last update: 2011-02-12

The Silhouette Series SX60m is a 60 Watt mono-aural (monoblock) hi fi audio power amplifier. The SX60m packs punch well above its weight, with the highest power-per-cubic-centimetre of any Class-A, Class-AB or Class-B power amp on the market today - the power output from its small stature is astounding. As with all Perreaux products, the design is completely solid state, featuring the finest audiophile grade componentry in a compact package. The styling of the SX60m is subtle and discreet, allowing seamless integration into existing hi fi audio systems or the perfect compliment to other products from the Perreaux range.

Specifications > Amplifier > SX60m Mono-Aural Power Amplifier
Model nameSX60m Mono-Aural Power Amplifier
Kind of amplifierPower amplifier
Number of channels1
Per channel power output60 Watts
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)0.002 %
Signal to noise ratio100 dB
Input sensitivity370 mV
Frequency responsefrom 5 Hz to 60 kHz
Number of inputs1
Source directNo
Treble / BassNo
Source selectorNo
Standby modeNo
Remote controlNo
Phono inputNo
Available front panel colorsSilver
Available front panel materialsElectroplated Aluminium
Dimensions (Height/Width/Depth)5.8/21.6/17.8 cm (2.3/8.5/7 inch)
Weight2.4 kg (5.3 pounds)
Product review URLhttp://www.perreaux.com/files/sxp2-preamplifier-sx60m-mono-aural-power-amplifier-review-steve-smith-tone.pdf
Product review URLhttp://www.perreaux.com/files/sxp2-preamplifier-sx60m-mono-aural-power-amplifier-wolfgang-vogel-hoererlebnis.pdf
Manufacturer's product URLhttp://www.perreaux.com/products/silhouette/sx60m_-_60W_mono-aural_power_amplifier/
SX60m Mono-Aural Power Amplifier > Perreaux

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