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Whatmough AV8 5.1 System



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Last update: 2008-01-01
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This is a 5.1 surround speaker system of compact size and affordable price.

The AV8 is slim and unobtrusive while still having excellent sound. Deal for people who want good sound quality at a very reasonable price to go with their new plasma or LCD TV. The sound quality from the AV8 system is better than miniature sub/sat systems or speakers built into a TV set.

The AV8 speakers are large enough to produce rich, full bodied sound while being small enough to be attractive and not occupy too much valuable space. The AV8 subwoofer uses a 50 watt amplifier and produces usable bass to below 30 Hz. The bass of the AV8 speakers extends low enough to blend seamlessly with the subwoofer.

Specifications > Speakers > Whatmough AV8 5.1 System
Model nameWhatmough AV8 5.1 System
Catalog No.Whatmough AV8
Output powerto 50 Watts
Frequency responsefrom 33 Hz to 100 kHz
Weight10.5 kg
FinishAmercian Cherry or Black Oak
Whatmough AV8 5.1 System > Whatmough

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