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Mono Block 25 Mark 2


Icon Audio

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Last update: 2007-12-07
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The ultimate listening experience?

Excellent mono block power amplifiers based around the ancient 1930s triode, First developed for cinema sound.

The 300Bs are virtually without equal and almost defy description. Even their power is deceptive. Twenty eight watts may not sound a great deal but couple a pair of MB25s with a quality input source and moderately efficient speakers and they are capable of illuminating your listening room with stunning rich musical sounds and uncanny presence. Yet unlike transistor amplifiers, they are completely without any harshness or listening fatigue, despite their ability to reproduce that ?rasp? of trumpets, that ?edge? to strings and inner detail of complex vocals, with real bass power if called for.

The sound is warmer, and more involving than solid-state counterparts. The sweeter treble makes for very easy listening, whether jazz, classical or dance music. The bass is not ?woolly? and is capable of delivering bass power down to below 10hz. You can expect t

Specifications > Amplifier > Mono Block 25 Mark 2
ManufacturerIcon Audio
Model nameMono Block 25 Mark 2
Catalog No.MB25 mk2
Kind of amplifierPower amplifier
Number of channels1
Per channel power output28 Watts
Signal to noise ratio-89 dB
Frequency responsefrom 20 Hz to 20 kHz
Source directNo
Treble / BassNo
Source selectorNo
Standby modeNo
Remote controlNo
Phono inputNo
Dimensions (Height/Width/Depth)23/18/53 cm
Weight20 kg
Mono Block 25 Mark 2 > Icon Audio

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