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Phono Stage PS1 mk2


Icon Audio

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Last update: 2007-12-07
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The PS1 story from David Shaw Icons founder:
?Like many people I have accumulated a sizable collection of vinyl much of which was acquired second-hand. Many of these are excellent recordings but in less than perfect condition. After trying several very good phono stages over the years I was unable to find one that would satisfy my needs. I wanted maximum musical detail, but without emphasising the imperfections through wear, clicks scratches etc. So I could listen through the vinyl medium, not to it!
It is well known that valve circuits are much more tolerant to overload, they recover quicker and distort less than transistors. Therefore it follows that valves will deal with the massive transient spikes present in imperfect LPs better than transistors.

The original design was built purely for our own use, as we were not convinced that the world needed another phono stage! But visitors in Leicester and to the various hi fi shows we have exhibited at pressed us to go into production. Being ?moving coil?

Specifications > Amplifier > Phono Stage PS1 mk2
ManufacturerIcon Audio
Model namePhono Stage PS1 mk2
Catalog No.PS1 mk2
Kind of amplifierPhono amplifier
Number of channels2
Signal to noise ratio-75 dB
Frequency responsefrom 20 Hz to 20 kHz
Source directNo
Treble / BassNo
Source selectorYes
Standby modeNo
Remote controlNo
Phono inputNo
Weight7 kg
Phono Stage PS1 mk2 > Icon Audio

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