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OPUS MM2 Balanced Interconnect


Transparent Cable

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Last update: 2008-11-20
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Balanced OPUS MM2 is a fully balanced design from cabling through the precisely matched dual networks for each channel. Designed to performs its magic even over the long distances of recording studios, it effortlessly carries delicate music signals and preserves every nuance. OPUS MM2 Balanced Interconnect is the new gold standard for performance and satisfaction in audio and home theater applications.

The extremely quiet listening environment provided by the new Transparent Music and Film Studio was instrumental to the development of OPUS MM2. To keep resonance from obscuring the nuances of the music signal as it travels through the cable and network, a mass of epoxy damping material encapsulates the OPUS MM2 network, which is then encased with carbon fiber.

In addition to improvements in network performance, our new MM2 Technology brings refinements in connector design and assembly that have exciting and important impact on musical playback. In the case of OPUS MM2 Balanced Interconnect, we have completely redesigned the connectors for superior sound quality and energy transfer; we believe this to be the finest XLR connector ever produced from its gold-plated, high-current contacts and custom machined non-electromagnetic connector housings. And of course, we will build your OPUS MM2 interconnects to exactly match the impedance of your associated components: making a match this precise unleashes thrilling levels of performance in low level information retrieval and dynamics, and creates a wide-open conduit through which your favorite music flows effortlessly.

Specifications > Cable > OPUS MM2 Balanced Interconnect
ManufacturerTransparent Cable
Model nameOPUS MM2 Balanced Interconnect
Catalog No.BOMM
Terminating connectorsXLR > XLR
Suggested retail price19000 USD
Product review URLhttp://www.transparentcable.com/news/professionals.php?modCAT=4
Product review URLhttp://www.transparentcable.com/news/awards_honors.php?modCAT=4
Product review URLhttp://www.transparentcable.com/products/show_product.php?recID=33&perfID=1&catID=1&modCAT=1
Manufacturer's product URLhttp://transparentcable.com/products/audio/opus_mm_interconnects.html
OPUS MM2 Balanced Interconnect > Transparent Cable

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