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Spitfire DAC


Firestone Audio Co., Ltd.

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Last update: 2010-04-20
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SPDIF Digital interface, include Optical and Coaxial input.
The Spitfire DAC is a perfect upgrade for the CD/DVD player and computer system with Audio. Digital inputs are auto selected via Toslink optical(priority) or RCA coaxial.

Technical Specifications
* Amplifier Structure : Low pass filter with 2Vrms output
* Power Structure : Virtual-Ground power supply
* Support Format : 24-bit / 96kHz (MAX)
* Circuit Protect : Output short / over current protect
* Receiver Chip : TI - DIR9001
* DAC Chip : TI-PCM1793
* LPF OPAmp : NS - LM4562

Audio Performance (1kHz sine wave, 2Vrms output, 24-bit / 48kHz)
Frequency response (From 40Hz to 15kHz) : 40Hz +0.01dB, 15kHz -0.03dB
Noise level (1kHz, A-Weighted) : -112.6dB
Dynamic range (1kHz, A-Weighted) : 112.4dB
THD% : 0.0018%
Stereo crosstalk : -109.7dB

* Digital Input : 1 of Coaxial jack
1 of Optical jack
* Line Output : 1 of RCA jack

System Requirements
* Using in any digital equipment with coaxial / optical output function, max format support 24-bit / 96kHz

Package Contents
* Spitfire
* DC24V 0.5A power adapter
* RCA wire
* User manual
* Warranty card
* Wrench

Service & Technical Support
If you have any problems about using this product, please contact distributors of Firestone Audio Corporation; send the E-mail to the E-mail address of Firestone Audio Co., Ltd. or directly contact to our company. The following is the information of Firestone Audio Corporation:

Firestone Audio Co., Ltd.
Address: Rm. 2, 19F., No.97, Sec. 4, Chongsin Rd.,
Sanchong City, Taipei County 241,
Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Website: http://www.firestone-audio.com
E-mail Address: tech@firestone-audio.com.tw

Specifications > Amplifier > Spitfire DAC
ManufacturerFirestone Audio Co., Ltd.
Model nameSpitfire DAC
Catalog No.4716329380087
Kind of amplifierOther
Number of channels2
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)0.0018 %
Signal to noise ratio-112.6 dB
Frequency responsefrom 40 Hz to 15 kHz
Source directNo
Treble / BassNo
Source selectorNo
Standby modeNo
Remote controlNo
Phono inputNo
Available front panel colorsSilver/Black
Available front panel materialsAlumi
Dimensions (Height/Width/Depth)7.7/7.8/10.7 cm
Spitfire DAC > Firestone Audio Co., Ltd.

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